About Us

Pits N Lands is a company on the growth trail engaged in optical media production. As a leading solutions provider and distributor of high volume production products within the optical media industry, we supply a wide range of products like CD/DVD/BD in all kinds and formats, plus printing and packaging. We have successfully enabled our clients to produce quality finished products of up to date high specifications.

As a team of professionals with many years of experience and in depth knowledge in optical media production, we provide the right solution that's within the budget of the client. We are a team who understand the meaning of prompt delivery times, quality standards and copyright importance. We enable our distributors and resellers to better sell to their end-user clients.

Our mission

To help Independent Filmmakers, Musicians, Corporate Clients, Business Directories, Educationalists, Video Producers, Software developers and other related companies to have the best quality and service for all their needs of CD/DVD/BD Industry.

Meaning of Pits & Lands

• All Optical media (CD, DVD, BLURAY etc.) have pits and lands. These are microscopic and represent the binary information of the data stored on the disc.

• A land is reflective and reflects the laser into a sensor to register it as 1 

• The light hits a pit, it shatters and no reflection is received, thus a 0 is registered