Replicated CD's/DVD's are commonly referred to as manufactured discs and are produced using injection molding. A glass master is produced from the original master, which is in turn made into a "stamper". This "stamper" is then placed into a mold to transfer the original master's data on to the polycarbonate with a reflective layer on the surface of the manufactured discs. The replication duration depends on the quantity required and the deadline of the client. Just specify when you want your order to be delivered to you – we deliver your order on time! Our German Replication Machines are able to produce 1100 disks per hour per line


Our printing technology based on UV color printing which is high durable and water resistance, by using the both technologies of offset or / and screen printing customer will be more than satisfied, we also offer Panton color printing with special colors like GOLD and SILVER or adding varnish as a finishing layer .


We have more than 50 types of packaging types like CD Jewel Cases, DVD Covers, Sleeves and paper pouches, Special Custom Packaging in addition to shrink and fold wrapping.


Each Disc has to be tested on our machines, plus in order to keep our Machines tune up, shots of CDs will be taken to our testing department which we are proud of having best testing machines available in the region to check our Production.

You CD is your ID (Shaping)

A step over the old CD/DVD regular round shape, present the shape that reflect your business. Now you can cut your CD/DVD to mini disks or business card disks or any other custom shape. Manufacture your own brand CD’s and DVDs, so that you can burn your files, movies and audios on your name (or your company name) media.


For our business fields factories, we can manufacture the stampers

Laser Lock

As a Licensee for Laser Lock International (Pioneers in anti-copying solutions) customer can get up to date anti-copying protection solutions for all your Product (Software, Audio, Video) as international high Standard

Logistics and delivery

Since we are locating in SAIF ZONE (Sharjah Airport International Free Zone) which is one of the biggest cargo airport in the region, so it is so easy to ship our to anywhere in the world.